We advise you free of charge and without obligation in your language! Please send us an email to info@coaching-german.de or call us on +49 (0) 7356 / 66 29 525.

Rhetorican is a state-accredited educational institution and can help you to find a job in Germany if you are currently looking for a job, are unemployed or are about to end an employment relationship.

We offer you a measure that is specially tailored to you, which is 100% state-subsidized via the employment agency or your job center with an education voucher / activation and placement voucher (AVGS):

Individual language and application coaching for people with a migration background

The training will take place online and is individually tailored to your needs with your coach, so that you and your coach deal with exactly the content that is most relevant to you.

You can still attend an integration course because our coaching is designed to help you learn German as a foreign language for a job.

Content of the language and application coaching (up to 50 teaching units)

The coaching is something for you if you are a person with a migration background and you want to learn and improve your language for the application and your job and optionally want to get to know the German labor market culture and special features of the German applicant market. This increases your chances of getting a job in Germany.

If you can answer an excerpt of one of these questions positively, coaching is something for you:

- What can I do to find the right profession/job for me in Germany?
- How can I professionally prepare for the German application process?
- How can I improve my German language?
- How can I integrate myself in Germany and become a part of society and German is not my mother tongue?
- How can I make my appearance, my communication and my application so authentic that I can apply successfully and integrate with my new employer and the German culture?

This coaching is aimed at you if you have come to Germany from abroad and would like to work here in Germany.

The coaching is 100% state-subsidized, timed to suit you, online and therefore from home. If required, we can also provide you with rental equipment!

So how do you get an AVGS?

One thing in advance: If you are unsure whether you might be eligible for this state subsidy, please feel free to contact us free of charge and without obligation, so that we can have a chat and find out how things are going for you personally

For funding through an activation and placement voucher, you must be registered with your job center in Germany and must not yet have a job in Germany.

You can speak to your recruitment agency/case manager about the possibility of coaching. At Rhetorican, there is application coaching, rhetoric coaching and, especially for you, language and application coaching as an individual measure, so that you receive coaching that is tailored to you personally, which is nothing off the peg, but responds to your person and your individual needs. Our coaching can include up to 50 teaching units (TU) and takes place online, so that you can freely determine the appointments with your coach, with at least one TU taking place on at least two different days of the week. The coaching takes place via our Rhetorican platform, which complies with data protection and GDPR via a secure live feed room. The matching between you as a participant and the coach is very important to us, so we will have a conversation with you in advance to get to know you and to assess which coach is exactly the right one for you. We can draw on over 20 coaches who have qualified in a wide variety of areas.

If you decide to start coaching with us, we can send you a form by email or post that you can forward to your employment agency or job center. You can use this to inquire whether you can get an AVGS issued for coaching at Rhetorican. If the application is approved, you send us this activation and placement voucher, which we then redeem at your authority. As soon as the education voucher has been approved, the coaching can start. The whole procedure takes about 1-2 weeks, so that the online coaching can then begin.

The coaching lasts between 2 weeks and 4 months, depending on what makes the most sense for you.

Your personal coach can help you to be more successful in the application process, to create an individual cover letter for your dream employer, to update your CV, to create the application folder, to prepare you for your job interview and to give you other practical and important tips and tricks to be included in the application process. It can also be an important aspect of coaching that your self-confidence is increased and you can appear more self-assured and self-confident and above all authentic in order to convince of yourself, your person and your abilities.

At the end of the coaching you will also receive an official certificate from us, which you can also attach to your application documents.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and let us advise you on your options free of charge and without obligation.

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